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CO2 Generating Plant
CO2 Generating Plant is customized to meet the needs of our customers, and our factory is built with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. This collection is widely preferred by our clients all around the world due to its unique qualities such as excellent finish and unrivaled quality. 
CO2 Recovery Plant
CO2 Recovery Plant is currently the most cost-effective way to create high-purity food-grade carbon dioxide for the beverage and food industries if CO2-rude gas is available in sufficient quantity and quality. This plant has designed for automatic operation and has a low operating cost. 
CO2 Dry Ice Machine
CO2 Dry Ice Machine is made using the latest technology and is known for its consistent performance, application-specific design, and user-friendly operation. This machine is available in a variety of technological parameters for our customers. This machine is used to make dry ice for further applications. 
CO2 Storage Tank
CO2 Storage Tank is made from high-quality raw materials and current technology.  Furthermore, our offered collection is thoroughly examined by our skilled personnel to assure its superior quality and flawlessness. This tank is used to store CO2 for future usage. It is very economical to use. 
CO2 Pump
CO2 Pump is a type of pump which is used for filling the tires properly. This pump, on average, is lighter than a good hand pump. CO2 inflators can inflate your tire in under a minute, far faster than a hand pump. This is very effective as well as economical and safe to use. 
CO2 Scrubber
CO2 Scrubber units are key tools in industry to cut down the amount of carbon going into the air. These devices are often found in factories and plants to remove carbon dioxide from the air, making it good for cleaning up pollution or managing systems where CO2 is not needed.
Calcium Chloride Based Co2 Plant
Calcium Chloride Based Co2 Plant is used in various industries like food/industrial grade, petrochemical, and so on. This plant is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This plant is very easy to use and safe too. 
CO2 Dryer
Bosco India is a leading name that deals in manufacturing and supplying of heavy-duty CO2 Dryer units that play an important role in industrial facilities to effectively eliminate moisture present carbon dioxide. The offered machines come in many different variants as per their sizes and power ratings. 
CO2 Compressor
CO2 Compressor tools are specialized industrial units that are commonly used with bottling plants to effectively compress carbon dioxide gas. Get these robust and reliable units from us with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
 Oxygen Plant
Oxygen Plant is large industrial systems that produce oxygen. This plant typically employs air as a feedstock and uses pressure swing absorption or membrane separation techniques to separate it from other components of air. This plant is very safe to use and easy to handle. 
Carbon Dioxide Production Plant
A carbon Dioxide Production Plant is made with the combustion of fossil fuels such as diesel, kerosene, or natural gas. Wherever there is no source of CO2, this self-contained CO2 generating plant is used. This plant is fully automated and employs a low-concentration aqueous monoethanolamine solution to create high-quality gaseous CO2 efficiently and safely.
Dry Ice Pelletizer
Dry Ice Pelletizer is created specifically for the manufacturing of dry ice in-house. It can make dry ice pellets with diameters. Dry ice is the perfect cooling solution because it is safe, non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless. Logistics, food delivery, medical transportation, and airplanes are just a few of the applications for dry ice.
 Nitrogen Plants
Nitrogen Plants produce high-purity nitrogen from air, something membrane systems can't do. These plants help in producing the nitrogen in bulk for further usage. These plants are very economical and can be easily purchased by our eminent customers, at nominal prices. 
LPG Tanker
LPG Tanker is widely used in a variety of sectors to carry LPG from one location to another. This tanker is made of the highest quality materials and can safely contain liquids and gases under high pressures. It is also extremely durable, sturdy, and corrosion resistant. 

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